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Quite a few people send us links to music made using ixi software in different ways (to manipulate field recordings, improvisation studio use, etc...) Here you have a collection of links to this music. We thought we'd just put a collection of links in no particular order and in no way "curated" or judged aesthetically. That's for other people to do.

If you have got some music on-line on your server or some net label, that was made using ixi at some point in the production process, we would love to receive the the link and put it on our website. Please include the following information: Artist name, contact email (not to appear online), URL, date, short description (~20 words). Looking forward to hear some music...
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Artist name : upsteria
date : 2010
short description :Music made with ixi
URL : download album

Artist name : Arno CamelEleKtric mexican power of Mejico
date : 2010
short description :EleKtric mexican power of Mejico is a laptop based duo. Recontextualizing different sounds from any type of objects.
URL : download album

Artist name : Arno Camel
date : 2010
short description :
URL : An American President | Violin Solo | Up the Gary Glitter

Artist name : Ethnomite Pux
date : November 2009
short description : recorded in November 2009 while living in Khach San Quynh Huong Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. No special recording equipment was used. Vocals and acoustic guitar recorded in mono with a very cheap karaoke mike. Software used: Spindrum, Noiser, Tree, Autocrap
In fear Of a red planet
Don't let you down
Ladybot 401
Another hotel

Artist name :Michael Shannon
date :-
short description : experimental ambient
URL : archive.org page

Artist name : Q-FEVER!!!
date :2007
short description : Crazy sampling mash up? difficult to describe... better judge yourself!
URL : myspace page

Artist name : Anorexia Mental - self editez 2007
date :2007
short description : Caotic layers of sampling plus a paranoid singer, all processed with ixi software and al kinds of effects and filters
URL : download page
anorexiamentala at MySpace
Published by Larraskito net label

Artist name :Runar Magnusson
date :2006-2007
short description : Part of SSBD (Same Same But Different)
URL : Mandorla net label. Collection called Autumn Tunes
Done with ixiQuarks

Artist name : makunouchi bento - avebell
date :2007
short description :
URL : http://arhiva7.ro/netlabel/releases/arh023.htm
sand or snow MIX
21 fridge magnets MIX

Artist name :Runar Magnusson
date :2006-2007
short description : Part of SSBD
URL : Mandorla net label. Collection called Autumn Tunes
Done with ixiQuarks

Artist name : Bazterrak
date : 2005-2007
short description : First track for Desetxea net-label, second for www.soinumapa.net project, third link is for Escala net label (2007), a composition in three parts signed by johannes b, bazterrak, edorta izarzugaza, tüsüri and xedh. It uses the improvisation as vertebral axis in the creative process. Forth is again an improvisation by Bazterrak, Edorta Izarzugaza,and Xedh. Fifth is parts of an impro with Xedh and Carlos Valverde
URL : http://www.hecanjog.com/mattin/Bazterrak_m.ogg
johannes b. + bazterrak + edorta izarzugaza + tüsüri + xedh - Living Room 443
The Drill Band : larraskitus_long_blues at Desetxea

Artist name : Alex Spalding
date : 26 February 2007
short description : Titled "I'm Going To Die". Made using Noiser by mic'ing a computer speaker and recording the output onto tape.
URL : "I'm Going To Die" zip download
Alex Spalding at mySpace

Artist name :Grushenko
date : autumn 2005
short description : everyday sounds + NOISER 1.0 + resonators
URL : http://www.grushenko.com/31-%20RESONANZE/resonanze.html

Artist name : Màteo Vich
date : 2007
short description : Title : "Life" . These tracks were recorded during live sessions using only IXI-software.
URL : http://www.reetapawone.net/vich/life.html

Artist name : sascha neudeck
date : 2007
short description : "live at gallery steiner"
URL : http://myspace.com/saschaneudeck

Artist name : Gurdonark
date : 2005-2006
short description : Gurdonark, of Texas USA, uses IXI software, and in particular Slicer, to make weirdbient music and remixes on http://www.disfish.com, http://www.ccmixter.org and http://www.negativesoundinstitute.com, available for free download under a Creative Commons license
URL : http://www.absurdmusic.com

Artist name :Emit (Kamen Nedev)
date :december 2006
short description : This piece was prompted by "Hare Christmas" a tone poem/joke/audio piece by my good old friend and performance artist Hilario Alvarez from "Oficina de Ideas Libres". His voice was used as the only source material, and was processed using ixi software's amazing grainBox.
URL : http://emit.podomatic.com/entry/2006-12-18T00_14_24-08_00

Artist name :Chong Li-Chuan
date :20th February 2006
short description : Solo performance on laptop computer, part of INTERLACE concert series in London organized by Sebastian Lexer.
URL : http://www.incalcando.com/interlace/past.html

Artist name :Pilot This Plane Down
date :Spring 2005
short description : The sounds for the most part are fairly ambient & even ethereal, but build up into crashing waves of sound and indistinct vocals. The result is so far removed from the original audio source yet fits in perfectly with the sound. In the summer of 2007 a DVD showcasing these videos and more audio/video will be released by Exigent Records.
URL :http://coty.therobotpetition.com/

Artist name :Knob alchemist
date : *
short description : made with some instruments and also Noiser 1.0 and GrainBox
URL :www.knobalchemist.net

Artist name : Various artists
date : *
short description : Improvisation group in Helsinki

Artist name : Newbie Brad
date : 7-19-06
short description : - "2 Esoteric Piano Chairs Dance The Liberal Arts Education Military Industrial Complex Future".mp3, 6 min 39 sec. Samchillian midi controller beta software, sample player piano voices. ixi Cutter. Kjaerhus Classic Reverb. Created 9-11-06.
- "Prima's 36".mp3, 8 min 13 sec. Balalaika, sample player piano, drum and cymbol voices. Balalaika sometimes processed by ixi Cutter, sometimes acoustically unaltered, sometimes used with electric guitar effects and audio triggered synthesizers by FrettedSynth. Kjaerhus Classic Reverb
URL : EsotericPianoChairsDanceTheLiberalArtsEducationMilitaryIndustrialComplexFuture.mp3

Artist name : Peter Noise
date : ?
short description : Sound designing and composition for animated featured movie We Are The Strange. Aurora was heavily used to create some wicked synth textures. They sound sometimes like a huge orchestra on LSD. Notes triggered from Novation Supernova and Virus b synths. Noiser app user for scratches and noises.
URL : www.noiseinc.org

Artist name : Daniel Lercher, Dan Stearns
date : recorded at any time in 2005
short description : source material were recordings of a prepared piano
URL : www.dirac.cc/listen

Artist name : Daniel Lercher, Dan Stearns
date : recorded July 2006
short description : "8 Year Nero (Railroads Of Iraq)". 22.1 stereo mp3, 22 min 25 sec. Collaboration Daniel Lercher and Dan Stearns, content from mashup of DS's "Seven Suns Of Cinnibus" added to NB's extensive audio-triggered synths triggered by fretless electric guitar, also music from fretted and fretless guitar. DS and NB's content manipulated by DJ turntable simulator and "glitch" software, filters and sampling sequencers from Bram Bos' Tuareg 2 performance sampler, and extensive use of ixi Virus and other fine ixi experimental performance sequencer software.
URL : http://ia301329.us.archive.org/2/items/beebimpop/8YearNeroRailroadsOfIraq.mp3
Dan Stearns http://www.myspace.com/danstearns
3 Pups Music http://www.myspace.com/3pupsmusic

Artist name : Mike North
date : recorded January 2005
short description : live set improvisation made as a soundtrack recording for the sci-fi novel of the same name...made entirely with ixi software...many instances of many of the apps running concurrently....
URL : http://www.notype.com/drones/cat.e/sine_016/

Artist name : Cría Cuervos
date : September 10th, 2004
short description : Sparkle In Grey - The Coldest January [Sine3pm/ctrl+alt+canc]. Collaborative release by these two Italian soundmakers. Cría Cuervos' track was recorded in real time using Viruses as a sequencer.
URL : http://www.sinewaves.it/s3p006.htm

Artist name : Mateo Vich
date :
short description : Published by eDogm netlabel (Shanghai-Paris)
URL : http://edogm.free.fr/releases/edo012/index.html

Artist name : nsnq (Maxim Kladov)
date :
short description : I love composing music and for a long time thought I wanted to be a musician. Now I am not certain - perhaps it still just stay a hobby. I started on drums in trash-metal group in 1993, then (some years after) switched on Korg M1 keys & cassette deck AKAI GX7. I listen Chemical Brothers/FSOL/Prodigy at that time:-). In 1998 i am found ReBirth/CoolEdit/MidiStudio. At last, in 2000, I switched to Cubase VST. From 1997 until 2002 i was learn recording my music on tapes and CDs mostly for myself and my friends. In 2003, after add some equipment/software, i started writing ambient and experimental electronic music.
In early 2005 i find your site: www.ixi-software.net. All summer 2005 i make records with noiser 1.0. It was easy, but for me - another experiment. I used many samples from my own collection, what i compile some years. Today, one year after, i can find spare time for audiowork on that records. Some of their "noiser sessions" - is fake, but some little parts of sounds - is very good (for my opinion)! So, now is result: two small albums.
URL : www.myspace.com/nsnqspace
album "Cold Water Spirits" (all 5 tracks)
track01 http://www.wikiupload.com/download_page.php?id=12345
track02 http://www.wikiupload.com/download_page.php?id=12448
track03 http://www.wikiupload.com/download_page.php?id=12449
track04 http://www.wikiupload.com/download_page.php?id=12450
track05 http://www.wikiupload.com/download_page.php?id=12452
mini ep "Astrum" (all 3 tracks).
track01 http://www.wikiupload.com/download_page.php?id=13150
track02 http://www.wikiupload.com/download_page.php?id=13152
track03 http://www.wikiupload.com/download_page.php?id=13153

Artist name : AZ-Rotator
date :
short description :
URL : www.az-rotator.com

Artist name : Layne Garrett
date :
short description : A cd-r of improvised music, several tracks of which were made using ixi
software (specifically autocrap, lauki, maybe others?).
URL : http://audio39.archive.org/3/audio/lgsamplefive/lgsamplefive_64kb.m3u

Artist name : Chris
date :
short description :
URL : http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?songs=164524&T

Artist name : David Forlano
date :
short description : I used "noiser" for most of this music I created using ixi software. I made several groupings of sound samples and musical phrases using traditional and non traditional instruments/sounds and put them into the "noiser" sound folder. I ran several copies of "noiser" (from 2-7 at one time) and selected the moments you hear from longer recordings. Some post production of effects was used... but not much.
URL : www.webnestwest.com --> go to "music" and then select "iximix06" folder