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ixi Audio Units - Free Audio Unit plugins for OS X!
These AudioUnits plugins are in an experimental stage. They were made in summer 2006 and we were going to spend some more time on them, but haven't had time so here they are for you to test out.


The Noiser is a very good plugin for all (japanese) noise artists. It turns your signal into proper noise!
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Hendrix is a distortion effect. Named after a tetrahedal soap that we came across in Brittany, France.
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The Klanker uses a Klank resonance filter to set up resonances that ring with certain frequencies. Like sine sympathetic strings on a Sitar.
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The Octaver is a pitch plugin where you can have simultaneous pitched signals accompanying your original one. Has some signal dispersion as well.
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The PitchShifter does what is says.
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A sweeping Band Pass filter.
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The FreqShifter also does what it says.
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Enjoy, and remember to send us comments, bug reports and suggestions.