IXI NEWS + EVENTS : 2006 :

Survey on Musical Instruments [Autumn 2006]
As part of our research we have made a survey on people's relationship with their instruments (both acoustic and digital). We would love to hear about your experience, about your musical practise and the tools you use. Please help us to get an understanding of these things and fill out the survey here.

Music made with ixi
Recently quite a few people have been sending us links to music made using ixi software in different ways (to manipulate field recordings, improvisation studio use, etc...)

We thought it would be nice to have on our website a collection of links to this music. So if you have got some music on-line on your server or some net label, that was made using ixi at some point in the production process, we would love to receive the the link and put it on our website.

The intention is just to put a collection of links in no particular order and in no way "curated" or judged aesthetically. That's for other people to do.

Send it to our info@ixi mail and please include the following information:
Artist name, contact email (not to appear online), URL, date, short description (~20 words)

Looking forward to hear some music...

Conference at Pompeu Fabra Barcelona [10 November]
We will be introducing ixi to students from Digital Arts master. 18 to 20 pm

SoundAsArt: Blurring the Boundaries [24-26 November]
An installation morphed out of the SameSameButDifferent v.02 - Iceland project will be exhibited at the SoundAsArt festival/conference in Aberdeen, Scotland.

ICMC 2006 [6-11 November]
ixi software will be presented at this year's ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) in New Orleans. The conference will be interesting, and we are specially looking forward to hear Max Matthews' keynote.

NordiCHI 2006 [14-18 October]
The biannual nordic conference on Human Computer Interaction will be held in Oslo this year. We have a paper on affordances and constraints in digital music instruments and will be presenting it there. Check their website here: NordiCHI 2006

Piksel festival - Bergen[12-15 October]
We will be presenting ixi and mirra graphics library in the Piksel festival/conference in Bergen, Norway. Piksel is a festival and community for artists and developers working with Free Libre and Open Source Software for realtime processing of video

Ertz Festival [14-17 September]
The fantastic Ertz festival in Bera de Bidasoa, Basque Country, will be held for the 7th time this year. We will play two of our projects, Lore by Enrike Hurtado Mendieta and SameSameButDifferent by Thor Magnusson and Runar Magnusson. Both of the projects are generative music compositions that take different forms in real-time situations.

LJUD/DIEM [13 September]
SameSameButDifferent v.02 - Iceland will be performed at a concert at Musikcafeen in Aarhus, Denmark. The concert is organised by Ljud/DIEM (Danish Institute of Electronic Music) and will feature Runar Magnusson, The Hafler Trio and Daniel Kosenko.

(re)Actor Conference [11 September]
We are presenting a paper on software as real-time musical instruments at the (re)Actor Conference in the Queen Mary University, London.

SuperCollider Symposium [24-30 July]
The ixi project will be presented at the SuperCollider Symposium in Birmingham University. For people interested in SuperCollider, this is a very exciting conference where developers and users of this powerful audio programming language meet up and talk about their work. There are concerts and other planned events.

EHU workshop [26-30 June]
We will be participating in the summer university workshop organised by the FineArts college at Bilbao. We will introduce participants to programming with Processing and PureData during Monday and Tuesday. The rest of the week will be teached by Alex Posada from Hangar and Alain Bauman from Konic Theatre

Folly workshop [19-21 June]
We are giving one of our workshops at Folly in Lancaster. The workshop will be on creative software and extending instruements, aimed at musicians, designers and programmers that want to create musical instruments, generative music and interactive installations where digital sound and graphics are the main building materials. If you are interested in participating, contact kit.abramson'at'folly.co.uk for further details.

NIME 06 [4-8 June]
We will be demoing ixi software at NIME conference (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) held at IRCAM, Paris in the first week of June. We also have a paper in the paper sessions on the semiotics of screen-based interfaces. (Published in the proceedings, but will be found in our backyard soon). If you are in town, check out the conference and remember that there are interesting concerts related to the conference, both at IRCAM and around Paris.

Generative music installation [25th of May to 9th of July]
At the Rekalde gallery in Bilbao, private view will be on the 25th of May, Exhibited "Lore, Transformation" generative music installation. There will be as well some sound performances within the context of the installation :
Edorta Izarzugaza on the 25th
Inazio Escudero on the 26th
and Tzesne + Bazterrak on the 27th.

Finland-Alaska improv [22nd of March]
The resulting projects of the ixi workshop at UIAH and Sibelius Academy will be put into use with musicians from the Sibelius Academy and musicians in Alaska. This will happen at the National Computing Center (otaniemi - university of technology) where we improvise in real-time with people at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. The concert starts at 10 am (yes, early wakeup!) as that's late in the evening in Alaska.

Sibelius gig [14th of March]
Following a workshop at the UIAH MediaLab in Helsinki, we are playing with Shinji Kanki's Improv Masters orchestra at the Sibelius Academy's Chamber Music Hall at 7pm, Tuesday the 14th of March.

Insand On The Edge [22nd of February]
Insand will be playing at the exciting first night of On The Edge - a continuing series of Improv-oriented performances happening in the city of Brighton. The venue for this show and the whole series will be the Open House on Springfield Road (next to London Road Train station). Should start around 8 pm.

Insand at Free Radicals [1st of February]
Insand will be playing at the Free Radicals monthly Improv club at the London Red Rose Club, Seven Sisters Road.

ixi in the news : XXI mendeko luthierrak [26th of January]
ixi eta kintools-ari buruzko artikuloa Berria egunkarian. XXI mendeko luthierrak.

Article about ixi [26th of January]
Nice article about non conventional music software that talks about ixi apps. It can be read here.

Insand at Klinker Club [20th of January]
A concert in Hackney, London at the Klinker club . Starts around 8 pm. Should be nice improv evening, and it's going to be exciting playing with Gus, Richard, Sotuko and Danny. Also appearing is Ya Basta.

Make Art Festival [24-29th of January]
Starting a new year with the exciting Make Art festival in Poitiers, France. "Une semaine dédiée aux mondes du 'libre' et des arts numériques". Not bad that! Check out the website, the program is amazing. We're playing a concert (Extracts from the Pidgin Project) and giving a presentation about the ixi software and our other activities.